Maybe it's because career coaching:

"Feels good - it provides a constructive outlet for your talents, a therapeutic way to express yourself, an intimate involvement with exciting ideas and the joy that comes from personal growth and discovery AND you get your DREAM career."

career_change_coachDo you want a more exciting and fulfilling career ormid life career change? Let me help.

I'm Margaret Stead, a Chartered Occupational Psychologist, careercoach and the author ofcareer change books andarticles on how to change your career.

Through both my career coaching books and my websites, it is my purpose to help create a million brilliant careers.

What Should I NOT Do?(Currently under reconstruction) Yes, there ARE many mistakes that people routinely make in career change! This section includes basic career coaching information about how NOT to make five of those mistakes.

Got that 'Back to Work' feeling on Sunday night? Or just need a modern career change with a top career coach, fast? This club membership includes a full career coach manual, a-CV hosted online, access to all job boards globally.
Need a better job, fast? Let your Executive Coachmake THE calls for YOU. Laser - personalcareer counseling, career coach CV creation and intensive interview skills training with a top career coach, use our deep-research tools, contact every recruitment consultant that's worth it, network with gatekeepers world-wide. Fly first class? Ready when you are.


career-coachP.S. Don't forget to tell HR about the affordable career change program and career coaching - that you've found. Need a Career Coach? - Read my blog.

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